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about this website

Can't claim much credit for this site - most of the pictures have been collected from all sorts of websites and messageboards over the last 5 years or so. Just thought I'd share the collection!

I don't know where most of the images came from (and as most of them were reposted anyway, the site I got them from isn't relevant). However, many are marked up with the identity of their creators, & I've not removed any such markings (though I may unwittingly have reposted versions whose logos etc have been obliterated by someone else). If you identify a picture as one of yours, and either want it removed or would like a namecheck for it, please let me know.

General acknowlegdements:
the great video-capturers: Dewey, DaveID, JackAss, Vincent Chip, LJ and many, many others;
groups, forums &c: Campfire Messageboard; Horsey's DISHcussion Board; Famous Males Forums, various websites & Yahoo! clubs and groups including Lost in the Stars, TightAttire, Guy Actors in Tight Jeans Guys' Butts in Tight Jeans, ABNCMM and many more.

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